Ever heard of 10,000 hour mark. Well the 10 k hour mark has heard of you.

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  1. Elajzaa


    You may not have heard of 10,000 hours needed to master trading, or perhaps you don't believe in it.

    You maybe think you are special, that rules don't apply to you. Perhaps your mother always told you "you are very smart"

    I am pretty sure your mother was right, unfortunately you do need 10,000 hours to master trading.

    10,000 can be spread over 2-3 years, or you can spread it to 20 years.

    95% or more fail because not many people can put in that much effort,
    oh and I am terribly sorry, time on ET or other likewise sites doesn't count :D :(
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  3. interesting post for #4 :p but true, i do really think i've become a significantly better trader in hours 7k-10k.
  4. jprad


    Spread 10K hours over 2-3 years? Looks like you've got some issues with counting as well...

    10K hours for someone trading during the US market regular session would need to spend 6.1 years @ 6.5 hr/day and 252 trading days/year.

    Even if you up the per day session to 12 hr/day it would still take 3.3 years.
  5. Very true words, COLD