Ever have those days where you just Don't feel like trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Flashboy, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Not sure what's wrong with me today. I just don't feel like trading. Can't concentrate.

    I'm tired from a long weekend. Definitely drank too much beer yesterday.

    Oh well.. there's always tomorrow. At least I'm getting smarter and realizing not to when my head's not in it instead of making poor deicisions.
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    At least you're recognizing this and not making a mess of things due to lack of concentration. I swear...I see guys here who because they are in a trading room and sitting in front of screens, feel that they have to trade at all times, have to have positions on, etc, etc. It's ridiculous....they'd benefit if they could just get up and leave for a few hours if there are no opportunities available, but the firm doesn't work that way.
  3. I used to feel that way. Like I was failing because I wasn't trading basically. It's a long road.

    I take it you trade at a Prop firm?
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    It's actually a sellside firm with a quasi prop desk...but I'm out of here in the next few weeks.
  5. no, never
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    Don't feel like trading... sounds serious, i'd go visit my GP. :D
  7. Good decision, you're better off not trading if your focus isn't there.
  8. gambling addictions should be treated with professional help.
  9. One of the many advantages of daytrading is that you can take a day off whenever you feel like, no sin in that.

    Even if it was an optimal trading day for your style of trading, don't let it get to you, there is always a good trade around the corner.

    With that said I always make an effort to start the trading day with a good state of body and mind.

    If for any reason you feel inadequate or simply unwilling, just let it go, the market is always there and not letting go could cost you dearly.

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    Trading can be boring and solidarity kind of activity..

    Same shit every fucking trade intra-day..

    you know you a pro if you think trading or daytrading is fuckin boring job.

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