Ever growing POLICE STATE insanity...in Chicago!!!

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  1. It's just another ploy to seperate tax payers from their money to bill the democrats pockets.

    Where is the ACLU on this?
  2. how can you stop public cameras? i don't think you can.
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    You guys in the states are still behind us up here in Canada. A couple of weeks ago got a letter from Environment Ministers office that they had been informed by a concerned citizen that he/she/it had noticed "puff of smoke coming from my car" and I should deal with it promptly ! How's that for a touch of communism. Sqealing pig !
  4. puff of smoke what does that mean?

    you tokin on a # and diggin on the radio?
  5. Thats a shitty deal all around.
  6. They have red light traffic cameras here, too.

    I'm going to buy that glare spray and lacquer the hell out of my plates with it. The new stuff is supposed to have metallic, microfibers in it.
  7. Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. Ever drive right behind one of those old buckets that burn about a quart of oil a day?
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    Where is the ACLU when we fill out our tax forms and have to supply all kinds of personal info?
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