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    an equity that is a screaming buy yet the technicals look like a train wreck ?

    If so, please post your current pick that fits the criteria. Please, no pretty charts, Im only interested in technical looking dead meat that screams BUY ME IM TOO CHEAP AND TOO GOOD AT THESE PRICES. :)

    Oh well, its just for fun.

    My pick is: TATTF
  2. SEB it's never split and it swings like a clock but it's too dear at the moment and volume is thin. Not good for a trader but interesting none-the-less.
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    You posted a Bull Flag, that is no dead meat lol
  4. really:p
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    Well, I asked for ugly looking charts you goof :)
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    wow, i thought i was the only one who followed SEB, been watching it for a long long long time. Never invested in it but what I did notice in the last couple of years was to buy it around the 1100-1200 area seems to bounce off that area everytime. Closing in on 1800, think it could be a 2500 stock by mid 2007.
  7. Are you kidding me NEET! Asking the stonedinvestor for a great company with a terrible chart is like asking the pope if he wears a funny hat! Common. Let's start with my 3 current faves' (1) SGMO This is a mini biotech with great technology I'm not going to bore you now with the facts (I'll do that later on another thread) But this is an ugly chart and a company that won't be around 1 year from now. Pharma Take out. (2) SIRF GPS monster got taken to the wood shredder when TOMTOM went with a new competitors chip. Look for a string of positive announcements from the trade show next month as their salesmen get the word out. I feel they will sign as much new business as they lost. Pricing power though is my one concern but I believe deeply there is a huge opportunity coming as all cell phones go GPS, anyone with over 50% of that action is going to be rolling in dough. (3) RACK heavily shorted just a whiff of good news should send it soaring. Dead at $30.~
  8. this is my specialty ...

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    TATTF 10% up today on an ugly ass chart.

    See, I wasnt kidding :)
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    I just bought ESLR today. Its 1 year fall from grace has been fantastic ($17.50 to $7.60 in 2006). The only reason I thought it would be a decent buy is because when *I* went looking at solar panels (because there's a $2000 tax credit for 2006 to buy solar, so you can nearly get a free hot water heater after the tax credit, then save 85% of your water heating costs for the next 10 years), ESLR was one of the better choices out there for panels.

    Between tax credits and the democrats and clean air bills, solar makes a lot of sense in upcoming years to at least supplement your energy. Especially in areas that may have power issues, but plentiful sunshine (Florida and hurricanes).

    The actual fundamentals are iffy, but ESLR offers a solid product for a not quite solid market... yet.

    This stock has been a tax sell-off for a lot of people I think. While it may go a bit lower, I was comfortable at the $7.60 mark.
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