Ever feel like giving up?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by John9999, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Handle123


    Did you add at 11:15 ?
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  2. Overnight


    It is so so easy in retrospect, ain't it? Trading can be a cruel mistress. Pssshhaaww.
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  3. John9999


    this was meant as a joke,,,sorta... no I was in and out along the way for trades of +12, +10, +6, etc.... just seems so simple when you look at a chart like this,,,,but it is hard to see as it unfolds...
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    Post this in real-time going forth please. A head hunter in New Guinea can see the "buy" on the left end of a hindsight charting.
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  5. John9999


    duh,,, yeah..that is my point.... this was meant to be a JOKE!! everyone get a grip...
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    We'll need it in real time from here on out. Thank you for your consideration.
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  7. John9999


    Buy1Sell2....my post,,, I'll post what I wish,,,but thankx for acting as the ET Police
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  8. hoffmanw


    Market is very counter-intuitive and always changing. If you don't have something REALLY work, you are gambling. Market will pulplizerize your confidence bit by bit to the point where you become desperate and completely misery. It doesn't care you have a million dollar capital trade account or couple thousand dollars. You will get the same wrath. You might get lucky for certain periods, but you can't defy the law of gravity all the time. It will pull you down.

    Trading is not the only way to succeed in life. There are many other much easier ways to become successful at life. Arguably trading is the hardest of all and longest of all to master. If you spend the same amount of energy on something that is highly seeked after in industries such as some hardcore computer language skill, you will become successful in relatively short period of time with certainty. Some college drop-outs spend a year or two master all the hardcore ecommerce skills. He now is selling his courses and products online. He takes in million dollars a year. Some guy I know bought couple lots of land for cheap in New York City near me seven years ago. Now he turns these lots into couple tall residential buildings. He takes almost $90,000 passive income every month.
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  9. Note this feeling down and remember it. The way to avoid this feeling is during position entry and position management. What losers did you look at today (or yesterday, or last week...) and think, "that will come back around." How sure of that were you? No, really, how sure?

    These are the days that keep your ego in check, so when you're as certain as you've ever been about the price move, you remember back to today and scale your position based on risk, not reward.

    How would you have felt when the trade moved against you if you'd closed early vs now?

    So much is said about avoiding these feelings. So little is said about nurturing and understanding them and using them to your advantage.

    And did your rationale for position entry fall apart and instead of exciting you just hoped? That's how logic becomes emotion, and hope becomes despair....common theme here: don't think about how it feels to take the small loss now, but think about how bad it feels when you don't, you keep holding, and you're wrong not only on the trade entry (totally ok...get used to it), but the trade exit also (not ok, don't do this).
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  10. Handle123


    Am happy you did well, but your method does not have other signals to add when there is extended trend? Fine to have targets for 2 of the 3 and keeping 3rd till the end. I don't know if you try to buy low in uptrend or breakout trader, most of my entries are waiting for falling knife as risk is lowest and average gain on day trading system is far better than anything I can do scalping ES. When I did manually trade, just didn't look at charts after day was over, too tired-too boring, all I cared about was did I perform like a robot, mind numbing I lasted so long hitting mouse buttons, same each day, you stay in this long enough, nothing is upsetting or new. You remember whether cat bite me for lunch, when mailman arrives, trivial stuff.

    All you can hope to do is follow your trading plan and trade like a robot.

    Everyone is different, whether I traded one lot or much more, have same amount of stress, never wanted my eyes to come off the screen much, and anyone else saying I need a shrink or meditation, thank you but now automation, far removed, and to post while trade going on, if that is your thing-great-keep it to yourself, or others might leave and never come back. NoDoji left and she was decent trader, got tired of negativity here.
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