ever dreamt about trading?

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  1. I realy do think the subconscious tries to wake us up sometimes to a bad trade.

    Years ago in my "gun slinging days" I was all in CROX...LOL I was up over 150% so all was great and i was holding on through earnings. I was convinced it should shoot up 20%+ on earnings and I'd make another 100%+ ove rthe months ahead.

    The night before I had ahorrible nightmare. CROX gapped down, I lost over 25% in one night. I woke up "phew it was only a dream..." but the seed of doubt was planted.

    Al day I kept looking at it.....no longer was I sure it would gap up but i was convinced something was wrong. A feeling of dread had me all day.

    But greed is a strong emotion and that alone stopped me gettign out. I held in.......

    and the nightmare scenario happedn exaclty as i dreamt it. Unbeleivable.

    A few time sI have had dreams about my trading, stocks etc. Logic V emotions? It taught me never to trade all in one stock that's for sure. :)
  2. I hold overnight with no stops, whenever the market is moving seriously against me I wake up from a nightmare about my ex wife having sex with another man.
  3. I had a dream I was a really profitable day trader and went and hired 2 waitresses from Hooters to work for me as secretaries and I would make them give me lap dances for fat monthly bonuses.
  4. It once took 5 minutes or more to fill market order -1,000 #ES in NT on my parents DSL while I was visiting.

    So 1,000 is surely a sign of things to come :)
  5. Talking about nightmares...
    Remember the scene from “Rounders” when Teddy KGB(played by great John Malkovich ) said after losing a poker session to Matt Damon character : “ I feel so unsatisfied” . That is exactly how I feel when I make a lot less money then I should have. I always felt that losses are part of the game and I take it for granted but making peanuts during the good day is a major f....up. Once, during the internet boom, I had a $8,000 day and my fellow trader (kind Russian man in his fifties) looked over my shoulder and said : “Hey, man. Eight thousand. Such a nice day”. I was boiling inside because it should have been easily fifty grand day. “F..k off “I yelled at him. Later on I apologized but you understand how I felt. Ninety percent of all money is made during ten percent of days. . This is exactly why not making all the money possible in a good day is the trader’ worst nightmare .