Ever Blow Up Your Account?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ps0013, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. ps0013


    I was wondering how high ET trades accounts have gotton before you blew it up to zero, or close to it...I'm a little fish, I think I had it up to about 11k then to zero, but I've had to add to my account too many times...

    From ____ to _____?
  2. $100,000 to -$24,000 once.. in a series of highly speculative futures trades.

    I'm the biggest loser I know.. !!!

    Just like Jordan has missed most last minute shots, I too have lost the most amount of money trading.
  3. 5,000 to 3,100 when I first started. After that I got up to 15,000, than I was down to like 5,500 again. That was Eons ago.
  4. From 20k to 0 in 2003;:( my biggest lost so far.
  5. wjk


    25,500 to 25k add 500...25,500 to 25k add 500.....etc...Trying to remember how that movie ended. Groundhog Day.
  6. Figure 95% of ET members have blown out their accounts at least once regardless of the instrument traded. Me included.
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    me too
  8. ps0013


    _______ to ________ ?
  9. Cutten


    No, never blow up an account myself. However, I once got an account blown up by the clearing firm going bust - wiped out about 65% of the account equity. Luckily I was dirt poor at the time so it was not a huge amount of cash.
  10. monee


    Have not heard of any clearing firms going bust and customers with funds in segregated accounts losing their money .
    How long ago was it ?
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