Evening + Weekend trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortorlong, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Anyway to trade / chart-read during the evening / weekend?

    Oanda forex is down for weekends, I cant read equity charts during the weekend.

    I wouldn't mind papertrading a bit for practice over the weekend, any ideas?
  2. MGJ


    The standard way to do this is to use computerized mechanical trading systems. You arrive home in the evening after work, turn on the computer, and download today's price information from your data vendor. While the data is downloading you eat dinner. After dinner you run the system strategies, check today's filled orders, generate new orders for tomorrow, and do your record keeping for today, if any. Then you shut off the computer and go about the rest of your evening. Depending on the complexity of your strategies and the anal retentiveness of your recordkeeping, it all takes about 15 to 60 minutes per evening.

    However I get the impression that you want to read charts and use your own judgment plus discretion plus experience to make trading decisions. By definition this is not a computerized mechanical system so it will probably take more time, per day, to implement.
  3. clacy


    There are several Asian markets that are open and heavily traded during evening hours. I don't know that there are any markets you can trade on weekends.
  4. da-net


    not aware of any trading from friday mkt close until sinday evening...you could download a copy of MT4 and use it to chart as necessary, just get a broker that offers CFDs & futures & spot fx...they typically cover 96 instruments of which Spot is about a third.
  5. As already stated, there are several Asian markets that provide good trading opportunities in the evening. I personally trade the Taiwan futures contract offered by the SGX exchange. I've also traded the mini-Nikkei contract. Do some searches on "STW" or "SGXNK" on this forum and you can read all about it.

    If you want to practice trading on the weekend, then use software like Ensign Windows that allow you to playback pre-recorded trading sessions and paper trade them. Ensign is a little clunky but for $40 a month it serves the purpose.

    I am not aware of any liquid, moving markets on this planet that trade over the weekend.