Even the pros had a hard time...

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    2002 Not a Great Year for Hedge Funds

    According to consultants and academics, 2002 will go down as the worst year for hedge funds in almost a decade as slumping stock markets hurt performance and sparked a record number of closures, reports Bloomberg. A fifth of the 1,797 hedge funds tracked by Tremont Advisers Inc. at the start of 2002 stopped reporting their results by the end of October, and most of those funds shut, the consultant said. While the majority of closures have been small funds, there were also the collapses of Lipper & Co. and Beacon Hill. Many believe the current shakeout is good for the industry, as only the most talented investors will be left.

    -- from the Village Voice, the weekly newletter of Albourne Village (village.albourne.com)
  2. Shit.... that only makes things tougher. We need 'dumb money'. Thinning the herd just means more work for those of us left standing!

  3. dozu888


    sucker born rate is constant at

    1 per 30 seconds.
  4. Wish they would get old enough to trade ...
  5. Flow


    Yes but in the current environment there are now two to take em...
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    I know I have crossed swords with these guys before...

  7. Maybe we need to clone suckers ...
  8. Now there's an idea.

    I think people who manage opm fall into the same categories as all other traders. A small percentage of them know what theyre doing, the rest, when their luck runs out, fall by the side.

  9. Another reason to get rid of Bush... he is decidedly anti-cloning...
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    Simply due to the uncertainty of the ability to transfer nepotistic benefits to a clone. Where would the Bush clan be without an inside track?
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