Even the pros blow up

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  1. Ebullio Capital Management had a 95% drawdown in a month. Don't feel too bad when you're going through a hard time, even the pros really really screw up!!
  2. Lethn


    More moneh for meeeee! ;p
  3. He's only got to be up 2000% to get back to even.
  4. "our total return for the year is –95.83 pct
    and -89.63 pct since inception"

    "Ebullio Capital Management LLP is also strong and
    has, as a token of confidence in the future, waived
    its 2 pct management fee for 2010."


    Thank goodness they waived the 2% fee !!!!
  5. 1.47 million?

    that aint no pro
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    Hard to believe such incompetence gets rewarded with that much cash.

    They had 50 million AUM before the 96% "drawdown".

    Proves the fund industry is more about marketing/perception, than anything else. Cudos.
  7. maybe they set up an offshore account and matched all their orders into oblivion...
  8. 1) ?.........Say goodbye to the inheritance! :D
    2) The article says they have 40-million dollars of cash on hand. They lost more than 700-million! :eek:
    3) Ebullio, translated from Italian to English, means "We are morons". :cool:
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    That's 1.47 million after redemptions and -95.83% YTD performance.
  10. The pamphlet does have some brilliant gems, though. These include the understated "whilst our NAV is impacted to the low side," the oxy-moronic "our opportunistic, aggressive yet conservative Capital Manager," and the mention of option purchases which was "money well spent and essential to manage downside risk" (evidently -69% in Jan and -85% in Feb is risk management).

    I'm not very familiar with the markets they mentioned. Did they have large positions on some illiquid contracts or something?
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