even the KKK has standards.

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  1. i am sure many of the right wingnuts on et would be accepted easily but the kkk wont just take any christian or racist. you have to fill out an application.

    wonder what qualifications they are looking for?

    How to Join the KKK

    One of the ridiculous bits of news to come out about Wade Michael Page, the guy who attacked the Sikh temple in Wisconsin and killed several people, is that he once filled out an application to join the KKK. Wait, the KKK has applications? Apparently so.

    After Wade Michael Page, the suspect in the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, was fired from a Harley Davidson shop in 2004, he left behind an application to join the Ku Klux Klan. What’s on the KKK application form?
    Name, address, and information about membership in secret orders. Klan applications vary by chapter, but most begin with the same information required for a drugstore discount card (contact information, age, marital status, etc.). Then there’s information specific to white extremist groups. Applicants usually have to disclose whether they’ve ever worked in law enforcement or for the government in any capacity. They must affirm that they are white Christians, and that they don’t belong to other secret orders like the freemasons. (Conspiracy theorists—Klansmen chief among them—believe the masons are plotting to take over government and subvert Christianity.) Some applications include the question “Do you believe all men are created equal?” The correct answer, if you’re a prospective Klansman, is “no.” Extremist websites sometimes use the same technique, popping up this question and diverting those who answer “yes” away from the site.

    Most Klan applications ask the applicant’s gender. While many Klan outsiders think of the group as composed almost entirely of men, it’s probably about 30 percent female. Photos from picnics and other Klan get-togethers show a strong female turnout. (Other extremist organizations, like certain neo-Nazi skinhead groups, exclude women, but usually have auxiliary associations that accept them.)
    I imagine, though, that instead of asking you what college you went to, they ask what grade school you went to.

  2. Arnie


    This post shows just how fucked up you are. You really think guys like me, Lucrum, Mav88, Tsing, pspr, etc...would belong to an organization like that?

    You're a pathetic piece of shit.
  3. i never though of you. what makes you think you might be suspected of belonging to the kkk? you might want to look inward.
  4. Lucrum


    An organization that has member applications? Oh the humanity!

    I wonder if they have/require photo ID's?
  5. Well, higher education is for liberals. Agrarian cultures needed to read well enuf to pay bills and order supplies, nothing more.

    The KKK is clearly rural in origin.
  6. and religious:

    "They must affirm that they are white Christians, and that they don’t belong to other secret orders like the freemasons."

  7. Yeah, funny how the white Christians on here can take Al Queda and condemn a billion people but they are silent on the Klan.

    That alone is damning.
  8. I didn't know you belonged to that group. What's up with that?
  9. He deleted it because is not sure about a couple of those handles.:D
  10. Maybe that explains why they have so few members -- less than 5,000 at last count.

    They're pretty close to irrelevant. You're more likely to get killed by lightening (over 50 killed last year) or drown in your own bathtub (over 400 last year) than you are to be killed by a member of the KKK.
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