Even Texas Has Been Hit

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  1. As strong as this state is, they are still looking at a 25billion shortfall in 2012. The good thing, the state has a "Balance Budget Amendment".

    "Texas is among seven states with no personal income tax; imposing one would mean revising the state constitution. Raising taxes is not an option for its Republican governor.

    “You might not remember the $10bn deficit . . . in 2003,’’ Mr Perry said in his recent campaign. “Rather than jack up taxes, we took the same approach you’d take if your business had a shortfall; we drew a line between wants and needs then cut spending. We won’t hesitate to take that approach again.’’

    This is why we voted the midterm elections to bring in the Republicans. Perry is going to follow "FAT BOY" lead from NJ. Educations wasteful spending will be cut. Social Services abused by the illegals and poor will be cut. All the bullshit Fat that Texas has will be cut.

    Unlike NY, PA, CA, and many other states...TEXANS will back the measure and the cuts that are given....tighten up the belt and get back to prosperous times. As oil and gas lift in price by 2012, that will send billions of revenue into the budget as well.

    Thank God for Capitalist and Patriots who know how to handle the current crises.
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    Well, [I'd] leave gas out of your good times calculations, but otherwise, please continue.