Even Richard Russell, Bear Champion Switched.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by areyoukidding?, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. That means we are going higher.
  2. No, it means we are reversing, going lower.
  3. no, that means the bear can finally come out

    he only comes out when nobody can see him
  4. Capitulation is not is usually a good thing...
  5. you'd think a dow theorist would notice that the dow transports are breaking down

    russel's even capitulated on dow theory

    'i guess it's different this time'

    no, it's not richard
  6. No - It means he is going to sell more subscriptions...

  7. wOg


    That was certainly my take.

    I'm hardly on par with Russell when it comes to Dow theory. But you think he could at least wait until the industrials and transports take out the August highs. That would give him a fresh Dow theory confirmation ...

    There was a same-day bullish confirmation on July 21st, IMHO. The fact that the transports were down by as much as the industrials were up today (on a percentage basis, that is) suggests the possibility of a non-confirmation if one Average takes out the August highs and the other does not.
  8. Babak


    He didn't switch. You obviously didn't take the time to find out the specifics.
  9. Russell is not a member of our ET board.

    So it doesn't matter what he says LOL
  10. That's amazing!

    How did he know I went long today at 11:15 am EST?
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