even Obama knows the US is bankrupt

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    of course obama will never admit that it is the public unions in the US which have bankrupted the country.It is a terrible situation where people in the public sector make more than people in the private sector.

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    Healthcare Reform
    Friday, Apr 2, 2010 05:22 EDT
    Obama: U.S. would go bankrupt without health changes
    On CBS's "The Early Show," president says he isn't worried about drop in approval ratings over reform effort
    By Associated Press

    President Barack Obama says he did a full court press for a health care system remake because "this country was going to go bankrupt."

    At the same time, Obama said in a nationally broadcast interview Friday he isn't worried that his bold reach for a $1.3 trillion, 10-year makeover might cause his public approval ratings to plummet. He told CBS's "The Early Show" that forcing changes in the system was "the right thing to do."

    The president also said he remains confident that "if you have a good policy and you're trying to do the right thing, over time the politics works out." He was asked about polls showing his own standings in descent and a continuing revulsion among some elements of the public over the sweeping health care measure.
  2. Thanks to Obama and cohorts, it will be bankrupt much sooner.
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    I'm glad he's sticking to his marxist principles. I hope he doubles spending next year. This will making the trading easier.
  4. Relax. The Prez is spending his way out bankruptcy.

    We need to focus on weightier matters overseas--like Guam falling into the ocean.
  5. Countries default but they never go bankrupt. Individuals and companies go bankrupt. Marxists do not understand that. They keep on hoping. They never learn. The biggest threat to wordwide security and prosperity is background Marxists that have invaded the media and trying to modulate mass psychology to the extent that everything is going to collapse. I think Marxism must be declared a serious decease. It has done more harm to the world than all deceases combined.

  6. An interesting slant.
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    The moronic neo-cons on this board sicken me :S
  8. The brainless, "yes we can!" Obama-drones are ruining this country. I bet 90% were dumb enough to agree with Hank Johnson's remark.

    And I'm not a neo-con.
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    You are all racist idiots who can't stand that there is a black Prez.

    Its Bush & the Republicans who made the broke with their fake wars and dooling out billions to Paulsons's wall street chums. Did you protest then. NO ! Why ?

    The health care bill cost is nothing compared to above and all the negativty it actually does a good job of securing people lives. You are morons

  10. Here we go again. No one pays any attention to remarks like this.
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