Even MSNBC gives Ron Paul cred. GOP turns on Paul.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RCG Trader, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. yep, msnbc, is looking at Ron Paul. Well Rachel Maddow is looking at Ron Paul.

    America Elects is some upstart group that is encouraging write in's in all fiftly states.

    I don't know, if the GOP rejects Paul, they might be very very sorry for that.

  2. pspr


    It won't happen. He might win Iowa but not much else.

    Paul poses an existential threat to the state’s cherished kick-off status, say these Republicans, because he has little chance to win the GOP nomination and would offer the best evidence yet that the caucuses reward candidates who are unrepresentative of the broader party.

    “It would make the caucuses mostly irrelevant if not entirely irrelevant,” said Becky Beach, a longtime Iowa Republican who helped Presidents Bush 41 and Bush 43 here. “It would have a very damaging effect because I don’t think he could be elected president and both Iowa and national Republicans wouldn’t think he represents the will of voters.”

  3. Ricter


    *gruff old goldminer's voice

    "Tarbender! Whiskey!"

    */gruff old...
  4. This is a funny thing to behold. I was driving in this morning and my Sirius lost signal so I switched to am radio. Picked up cbs so I listened. They were going over the polling in Iowa (their poll) and they were explaining how Romney and Gingrich were tied at 20. Then they said the following: some other guy is in third.

    I kid you not, "some other guy" is in third at 19%. That was it. It wasn't a joke segment or anything like that. No laugh track was played in the background. It was a rundown. Unbelievable. Well, they've trained both barrels of the shotgun on Ron Paul now with the attacks coming from all sides:


    (the blame America first Republican?)


    (why he can never win)


    (manufacturing tea party dissent)


    (prepping the conspiracy theory that if Ron Paul wins, it was his vaunted team of internet hackers)

    Well, we seldom agree with much on these forums but I think we can all agree the establishment does not support Ron Paul.
  5. Lucrum


    Yeah that pretty much goes without saying.

    I've made up my mind just very recently. I'm definitely voting for Paul in the primary. My wife will too - or she can hit the bricks. :p
  6. Maverick74


    Rachel Maddow and her ilk love to support Paul to divide the GOP then they will abandon him if he ever becomes a legitimate threat. That is how the left works. She knows deep down inside that Paul will destroy every little liberal cell in her body if he gets elected. But over the short term, Paul can be quite useful for the left.
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    Will gold certificates fit (without folding) in a standard size wallet?
  8. Maverick74


    Paul does not support a Gold standard anymore.
  9. Ricter


    I did not know that. Has his war on "fiat" money ended, then?
  10. Maverick74


    Ron Paul wants competing currencies. He feels it's the most practical solution going forward. Let the dollar stand on it's own and see how it does.
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