Even most of the pros lose!

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  1. gee I was looking at Hedge fund/mutual funds, money managers, forex,stocks,futures.....most of them are either losing money or making miniscule gains.

    Most Hedge Funds IF they make any money....make about 10-18%

    Forex managed money is pretty poor. -7% to +6% per month

    Yet Elite traders are making millions every day.....

    What gives?
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    They post when they make money, don't post when they lose so it seems as if everyone is making money (or they lie).

    If you go to any forum dedicated to working on cars it will seem like any car, no matter how reliable it is known to be is a piece of junk because people only post when they have problems and don't post when things are running smoothly.
  3. Maybe you don't understand the meaning of "Elite"
  4. What makes you think a snots nosed kid with a newly minted MBA is a pro?

  5. oh ok you are better than a Hedge Fund manager

    The way I see it now..you simply cannot make big gains unless you gamble. So you might get away with for a while but like all gamblers, eventually it's payback time.

    I do not see how end of day traders can safely make an average of more than 20% without taking undue risks.

    Anyone who tells me they are amking 50%+ end of day is a train wreck waiting to happen.

    Daytraders about 5% per month...
  6. because we're elite traders:p
    here you go http://forextrends.collective2.com
  7. How much is a pizza? Cheese/plain is fine
  8. I'm glad you prefaced it by saying the way YOU see it now because, currently, you are wearing blinders.

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    I dunno, not to be disparaging but I ran the Monte Carlo and it put some outcomes as flat.
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    It's part of the big delusion that keeps suckers coming into the market. Some people are wonder traders on forums, but in real life, when you can't go back and change your mind a couple of ticks later, even wonderful trade setups, that worked out, can still leave you with a loss. That's the reality. 92% of all traders lose. Before the internet based brokerages, when you had to phone your trades in, the % that lose was actually lower. So all these indicators, lighting fast speed platforms, live news, etc... have actually increased the percent that lose.

    I promise, you get better odds at slot machines. It's against the law to have the odds that stacked against a customer at a casino. I believe the cap in Las vegas on slot machines is around 70% lose.

    You're either in the top percent, or you're an investor, or you move billions and shoot for a decent 10% a year.

    It's amazing how many don't know this, and I think this is the most important thing for every new trader to know. All these guys, don't make money.
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