even Maria Bartiromo has become a newsletter spammer

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  1. even Maria Bartiromo has become a newsletter spammer. what next to suck in the gullible after a big run?

    Fellow Investor,

    In my brand-new newsletter, Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street, Clark declares this as the opportunity most Americans are missing—and goes on to describe the five companies you ought to buy right now.

    That’s why I invite you to
    join me now at the new Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street
    When CNBC suggested I start this advisory, I said “sure,” under one condition: I was going to do it my way.

    That meant no pretense. I’m not an investing expert, and I won’t pretend to be one. But thanks to my many years in the business, I do know the giants of the investing world. I have carefully cultivated relationships with many of them. And I know how to interview them to get the very best they have to offer.

    At Wall Street, I’m not going to make any overblown promises.

    When I join now I’ll receive:

    •Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street Newsletter with in-depth interviews; specific investment recommendations from the Elite Eight; news on our portfolio; updates and sell advice; economic commentary; and Maria’s analysis of what’s working on Wall Street now.

    •The Wall Street Friday Update, a recap of the week's economic reports and market events and how they all impact our investments.

    •24/7 Access to Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street Website. There I’ll find more in-depth interviews; portfolio recaps; the Wall Street archives; personal observations from Maria; and much more.

    •Plus the four Special Reports pictured to the right, free.
  2. Any chance that subscribers get her calendar spreads? I hear they're big.
  3. This is pathetic. Then again, it's not like she had a reputation for much other than cavorting with CEOs on private flights to Europe and having a very, very large ass.

    Whooo She Gotta' Big Ass!

  4. LOL, she used to be a hottie, but I guess the good li'vin got to her. :D
  5. ElCubano


    Killthesunshine, you better get maria on the horn quick. She is defintiely not eating good.
  6. MattF


    woop tee doo.

    Telling you what others think because of her "connections."
  7. last i heard she was partnering with mike covel and tim sykes!?

  8. RedDuke


    This reminds me of Ron Insana's hedge fund.
  9. RobtF


    That's definitely the last newsletter I will buy.
  10. Is she still married to Jono Steinberg?
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