Even Jim Rogers knows about the trillions of dollars pumping the markets higher!

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    So out of the millions of people a handful of people actually do know that the market is being pumped to all time highs with nothing but worthless trillions.

    As Rogers mentioned "I'M somewhat skeptical because I know it's going to end badly"

    He is exactly right, its hard to take notice of the situation when the market is breaking new highs every single second of the day and the fed is just pumping and pumping billions and billions of dollars, but when the money printing ends and the economy is left to stand on its own, which it wont be able to due the easy money policies put into place, the market is going to fall very quickly, everyone knows the market takes the stairs up and elevator down and for anyone to believe this is a healthy, natural market place is going to be proven extremely wrong when everything starts to unwind, it might not happen in the next month or year or 2, but when it does it will look worse than 2007!

    On the stock market hitting all-time highs, Rogers said that "it is very artificial. If you give me a trillion dollars, I'll show you a good time too and a lot of people are having a good time. I'm somewhat skeptical because I know it's going to end badly."

    "I'm certainly not investing in the U.S., because the U.S. is making all-time highs based on money printing," he said, adding that he's put money in Russia and Japan recently. "The whole world is benefiting from all this money being printed, but there are better places than where the all-time high is."

  2. "If you give me a trillion dollars, I'll show you a good time too " lol
  3. The S&P juggernaut continues despite lackluster volume and no real reason for growth...odd that $85 billion a month could so prop up a market (sarcasm). It's going to be an ugly fall, but will probably land on the next presidents table.
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    BUBBLE ben bernanke isnt sharing those trillions fairly.... would be nice if it was shared with everyone, but in reality its only going to the elite.....
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    There is no real reason for growth..... but the trillions BUBBLE ben is pumping into the economy is nothing but artificial growth, there is ZERO GDP, take away the money pumping scheme and GDP would be NEGATIVE. Of course people will debate that to no end, saying GDP growth is looking great but its all a lie, this is an artificial economy with artificial growth, its all backed up by worthless trillions and I will keep repeating that until the day everyone wakes the fuck up and realizes what is going on.

  6. Key to all this is the bond market. I think it is hilarious that Republicans such as Boehner and Ryan now say US does not have a debt problem, joining their brain-dead brethren Democrats, (who only seem to care about idiotic social issues, 64 oz. "Big Gulps" and firearms), across the aisle. One big scamaroo.
  7. I was trying to explain this yesterday to a friend...everyone is worried about gun regulation and marriage equality and meanwhile the US is circling a drain of our own doing..printing dollars to plug holes until eventually the money will be worthless. Madoff went to jail and has been vilified for running a Ponzi scheme and yet people are blind to the fact that our government is running the biggest Ponzi scheme in history with Social security and Medicare...raiding and borrowing against it..Now on 2014 we will throw in Obamacare..good luck
  8. So with all of this printing......

    Would you rather own or be heaviest in?

    Real estate
    A different paper currency

    If you believe it will all end bad then you must be heavy physical metals, food, land, and guns ? DOOMSDAY!!! RIOTS!!! Marshal Law!!!! muahahahaha

    I can't believe guy from Minneapolis Fed said we aren't being accommodative enough. Why not just print 10 trillion and see how it pans out.

    Fiat currency reset. Back it up with a basket of hard real things that can't be printed. Maybe even seashells :D
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    Exactly what I posted yesterday (http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=262742)

    When I read what he had said about not being accommadative enough, $4 trillion dollars and they arent being more accommodative????? how many more worthless dollars do they need to print to be that much more accommodative, I mean really, this isnt economics 101....what ever you know about economics, throw it out the window, this isnt a real economy anymore and many people fail to recognize this. This an artificial economy. No real growth no matter which way you try to understand it.
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    Money in Russia? No thanks :) Economy is not about money printing, its about people, how productive, innovative, hard working they are and how much they can produce real goods. Money printing might get US into a mess, but in effect its just additional tax on US people (and while currently inflation is exported to china that tax is not visible). This will not affect US economy in the long term, unless US continue with socialism and big government :)
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