Even India can see how bad US politicians screw Americans

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  1. While Americans lose their homes, go without medical care, America offers fat stipends to foreign students, excellent jobs to H1B foreign workers
    Rina Ayer
    Feb. 8, 2009

    America is starving. People are losing jobs in millions. Families are forced into streets because of foreclosures. Car companies are sending thugs to create terror in American families and pick up their cars for non-payments. People are dying because of lack of medical insurance and care.

    But at the same time Universities in America are offering billions of dollars worth stipends, assistantship, free education for foreign students. Theses foreign students have far better free health insurance than 100 million American citizens. Close to 40 million Americans do not have any health insurance.

    American corporations on one hand are firing millions of American workers. On the other hand they are hiring H1B foreign workers in millions. H1B is a form of slavery. It really stands for Hired for B class pay and 1 class hard work. These H1B foreigners are brought to US and forced to work day and night with no questions asked. These foreigners are really slaves looking for next year’s contract renewal and hopefully a green card with the limit of six years employment.

    American universities like foreign students in F1 visa. Pay them $2000 a month, free tuition, and make them work like donkeys.

    Shame on the American Research Universities, and the American Corporations. Both are creatures of the zoo where raw need, selfishness, and eagerness to exploit at any cost surpass all rationales and decency for fellow American citizens