Even if I was a DIE-HARD Republican I could NOT vote for PALIN

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  1. I don't see how anyone can even consider voting for this rookie Sarah Palin! This b.s. that she is running only for VP is just that... bulllsh-t. IF elected she will take over the presidency if McCain suddenly finds out that his health issues re-surface and has to step down. It's like putting a little league pitcher in the 7th game of the World Series and praying he strikes out the side!

    So, how can any smart-thinking, patriotic republican vote for someone like this who is clearly not yet qualified to be in this position. I would rather abstain if I were a die-hard Republican than have to live with a choice of Sarah Palin this election year. Look what Bush did for this Country. I just refuse to believe that Albert Gore could have done worse! So let's not throw good money after bad. Duh. Pun intended!

    The ironic part is that with all this drama and fun about Palin, John McCain could have still won this and brought with him a competent VP... if he only had the integrity to pick someone qualified.
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    Then don't.
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    Would you have the confidence in a guy that has a voting record of 130 times present; this guy is confused and unstable. Can you imagine his state of mind, I am scared shit less of the choice you liberals make.
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  4. Then how can Obama be qualified? About the same amount of time in current position, but hers was executive experience. Obama couldn't even vote for or against a bill numerous times cause he was so paranoid about his political future (he voted present). In other words, not even doing his job.

    I don't think EITHER of these two are qualified.
  5. Much of the problem with Bush was the people who surrounded him.

    McBush will be surrounded with the same folks who brought us the past 2 terms of Bush, the same people who voted for Bush are mostly pushing Bush III.

    It really comes down to this:

    1. Do you want more of the same for 4 years...McSame and Bush in drag...

    2. Or do you want something different?

    Those who want the same, shame, shame, shame...

  6. If neither is qualified then I am going for high intelligence, leadership skills and compassion over some whack job with far-out views (as opposed to creative ideas) for the 21st century!

    Maybe I am a fool and I am wrong to trust Obama... but I think this will turn out well!
  7. The regressive party has a goal of taking us back to the 20th century or later...

    They don't accept nor do they admit that the rest of the world is moving forward while they want to move backward...

    So they chose backward thinkers like McStain and Pagan woman...

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    Obama is no more qualified than Palin, and probably less so.

    His voting record is a lot like his speeches, he's just an empty suit.
    His supporters simply rationalize this reality away so they can feel good about voting for him.

    I agree, our choices for president just keep getting worse and worse with every election.

    The last president I voted FOR was Reagan. All votes since have been votes AGAINST the opposition.
    Just like this one in November will be.

  9. I honestly can't believe tht you really could assert thaat Palin could be more qualifeid than Obama. It's unreal that guys like you have no ability to be objective about things like education, insight, charisma, communicaition skills, intellect, organizational skiils and other qualities that Obama has that are TRANSFERRABLE to the Presidency.
  10. ...or private experience, legal experience, experience as an author, experience in the State Senate, experience in the US Senate, experience as a director...
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