Even Honda and Nissan qualify for cash

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  1. Why shouldn't they?
  2. they're not American companies
  3. If you look at the % of a vehicle's parts that are made/ assembled in the US, Honda is more American than any other car manufacturer.
  4. the profits go to Japan
  5. Yes but they have to pay american taxes like any other company
  6. unless the loophole has been closed, importers for years shipped cars that were missing the steering wheel so that the 99% complete car could be considered an "auto part" rather than a complete product

    a way around the old import quotas and yes, these companies pay taxes and pass the bill onto the consumer.
  7. Things have changed drastically. Try getting a Japanese car made in Japan. Both my Toyotas are American made. So are almost every Honda. They employ American workers. I agree on no bailout for foreign entities and products. Yes I know we could debate on where the entity really is and such The only Jap made car I know is Lexus.
  8. the issue is not a bailout but a left wing subsidy to design cars that run on seaweed and bird shit.

    this started as a request for $50 billion from the Big 3 Detroit washouts who find themselves drowning in heath care costs.
  9. most subarus are
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