Even Eric Clapton knows the Vaccinations are a Pile of Shit

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    And we know that Eric Capton is a pile of shiat.

    Did Eric Clapton Once Unleash a Racist Rant Onstage?

    In late 2020, internet users highlighted a shocking episode from the legendary blues guitarist's past.

    At a concert in 1976, Eric Clapton went on a racist rant, using deeply offensive racial slurs and calling for the deportation of non-whites from Britain.

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  3. So the party of ignore the science wants us to follow Eric Clapton?
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    And you view him in a negative light because of this or the fact that he publicly speaks out against mandatory vaccinations after he had a very serious reaction to a Covid vaccination that left him partially paralyzed for 3 weeks, wondering if he’d ever be able to play a guitar again
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    Eric Clapton, the world famous virologist.

    All the measures are in place because they all reduce transmission.
    Why trade with stops if you're already using position sizing?
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    Very nicely and succinctly put.

    Shame we live in such a world where the obvious needs to be repeatedly dumbed-down to so many.
  7. Was he on heroin at the time? This is a long time ago. And where is the video of it?
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    GWB and other ET trolls love to extoll the virtues of vaccination including, their leader Joe Biden. This woman's story should tell you how dishonest and lying scum extreme liberal media is. Take note, the article says this woman who had 2 jabs of the vaccination visited an unvaccinated friend. So, she contracts Corona Virus, supposedly, from her friend but, no report of her friend being seriously ill nor even getting confined to the hospital? Could she have gotten the Corona Virus from other friends of hers that are vaccinated? Sorry, ET trolls, your lies does not hold at all. Just worthless shit you guys pull out of your asses.

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