Even Chris Matthews Admits CIA Engaging in “Psy-Ops” with OBL raid!

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  1. Gee, Chris Matthews suggests that the CIA is engaged in psy-ops activity against Al Qaeda and jihadists trying to humiliate and discredit them? No shit? You bet they are, isn't that what they are paid to do?

    LOL you conspiracy morons have a truly pavlovian reaction to certain words like psy-ops. You are beginning to salivate even before you understand the context these words are used in.
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    I stopped reading right there. LOL
  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to mess with all the COUCHERS here at ET.......the psychologically vacant here at ET are in unending competition for acceptance of the CON JOB "presented" reality from THEIR globalist pals!!! :cool:
  4. Don't forget what THEIR nature is........TO LIE!

    I guess that one slipped by you.....................HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :D :eek:
  5. Really? The CIA's nature is to lie, carry out psy-ops against Al-Qaeda, Jihadists, Osama, Islamists? Did you conspiracy nuts figure it out on your own... or with the help of Chris Matthews (no less) who admits that the CIA is engaged in psy-ops against the bad guys. No shit, are you sure? Wow, you are certainly onto something here. Who knew. LOL:D
  6. Harvard university is not specializing in psychiatry, MIT is not specializing in foreign relations, his involvement with the government ended about 2 decades ago and he's been a science fiction writer ever since. More importantly he lied about Osama's medical condition and his entire theory is based on that lie. Satisfied? LOL :D You conspiracy nuts are so ignorant and gullible, debating you is like debating a 3 year old. :D
  7. One day maybe you will get to see FIRST HAND how they run their ops.......and for now you only have the COUCHERS perspective! :eek:

    That about sums it up for the ET COUCHERS crew......no REAL WORLD ops with these guys and their typical bullshit UNCONSTITUTIONAL activities. I am sure it feels so much better going for the FAUX News version of the "presented" CIA! :eek:
  8. I honestly don't understand what you are talking about and what your problem is. How is the fact that the CIA is involved in psy-ops against Al-Qaeda and Jihadists news? Why are you salivating that "even Chris Matthews Admits" this? Of course he does, it's not even a conspiracy, it's an undisputed fact, everyone knows that, we pay them to wage covert war against Al-Qaeda, Jihadists, terrorists and their psy-ops activity is an important part of this war. Jeez, do I have to explain you everything?
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