Evangelical Nepotism and Corruption

Discussion in 'Politics' started by smilingsynic, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Why is it that the hierarchy in the most prominent, evangelical organizations--or should we say "corporations"?--are so often based not on merit, but on nepotism and family connections?

    Who takes over after Jerry Falwell's death? Well, his two sons, of course.

    Who is the announced successor to Pat Robertson? Well, his son, of course. Several family members pack the board of directors of that organization.

    How many Bob Jones have run Bob Jones University by now? At least three, and maybe four by now. Naming a university after oneself--now that's MASSIVE ego.

    The successor to Billy Graham's empire, of course, is his son Franklin. Wonder if they had a search to fill that position? Doubt it.

    And one cannot forget the corrupt Oral Roberts of the Oral Roberts University. Perhaps oral should be replaced with another orifice adjective, since the greed and nepotism of that place stinks to high heaven. Which was where God was going to send Oral himself if his acolytes did not send the $9 million some years ago.

    Why again are such institutions tax exempt? After all, they look like family businesses to me.