Evan Bayh is Obama's VP

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    Inside sources tell that Indian Sen. Bayh is Obama's VP.

    Good choice indeed! Bayh is well respected and experienced as a Governor and has both foreign policy and defense experience after serving in the senate intelligence committee for several years.

    Hopefully Obama-Bayh ticket will give US another hope and sense in global policy and at home economics. :D
  2. He's an idiot if he takes anyone other than Tim Caine.
  3. Grandpa's Wisdom... "Hope in one had, shit in the other... see which one fills up first"..
  4. I doubt that this is accurate. If it is then his Intrade contracts are way undervalued at 21. I guess your inside information is not in being taken advantage of by those "in the know". Joe Biden is currently trading at 51. I think Obama will choose experience in foreign policy. Didn't Bayh draft the resolution for the Iraq war? My pick is Biden but we'll see.
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    Bayh will help Democracts carry Indiana which is a Republican state. Bayh is basically revered there having two excellent terms as a governor.
  6. And Caine will help in Virginia. Virginia is more of a toss up and carries 2 more electoral votes. If he takes Biden he is finished. Biden is may be more to the left than Obama himself.
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    And Hillary Clinton will be the Secratary fo State for Obama. Guess it will be a good team to take the US forward after 8 years of consfusion and chaos.
  8. STUPID THINK! Just because Bush/Cheney was CRAPOLA does not mean "Obama = good just because he's not Bush"
  9. I will vote and donate to McCain if Obama picks Biden.
  10. Evan Bayh down to 15 on Intrade. That would be the buy of the century!!! Go for it man...
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