Evaluating Trading Systems Seminar with Alex Krishtop of Edgesense.net

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    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with Alex Krishtop of Edgesense.net on Thursday, March 1 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Alex Krishtop is the founder of EDGESENSE•NET, the company which focuses on consulting in automated trading. He has participated in a number of complex infrastructural projects which involved IT solutions, market research and trading systems development and evaluation. Alex is known for his uncommon views on markets and trading, allowing consistent profits, and his proprietary methods of robustness evaluation have saved time and money for many. He is the author of a number of fully automated trading systems

    Topic: Evaluating the robustness of trading systems using MultiCharts

    Brief description: MultiCharts has a built-in backtesting engine which itself is one of the most reliable tools for evaluation of strategies. The result of its work is a strategy performance report — a rather complex document which contains a lot of parameters and charts. Alex Krishtop is going to explain how to read these reports to decide whether the strategy is robust, or it is not tradable in real market. Besides that, Alex is going to show non-conventional methods of advanced robustness evaluation and to give several ideas how to decide if the strategy has stopped working or not. He will demonstrate the ease of use of MultiCharts for this evaluation.