evaluate this small trade - emini Dow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by buybig, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. buybig


    1st trade on futures

    using the TOS platform w/ no DOM:mad:

    2 trades both for profit.

    how does it look? any recommendations?

    emini Dow 1 contract

    what a rush

    CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only.. F**kheads need not apply..

  2. jtnet


    what are you talking about
  3. buybig


    hmm pic didnt attach
  4. hajimow


    It seems that you made $240.
  5. wake37


    you were profitable so keep up the work. who cares how much you made.it was your first trades ever. what was your basis behind the trades.

  6. Joab


    Good price and volume analysis but trading the mini's with this style will not work as much as you think stand alone.

    Congratulations though !
  7. very simplified system see picture

    simple but it works

    find any indices chart the dow nasdaq sp500

    use any chart with stochastic set stochastic to 10 15 20 minutes.

    most days wont have more than 3 or 4 hills or valleys. pick the tops and bottoms

    I would not have made your short trade.
  8. Go over to anekedoten's thread (AHG for struggling traders) ... it will help you a lot and you will be up-to-speed in, um, your time.
  9. xiaodre


    first one was a good trade to me, I would have gotten in a little later, made less money.

    second one is gambling to me. I don't see the setup, don't know what you are looking at to get into the trade, don't know the rules, etc. so you'll have to take that into consideration.
  10. buybig


    thx for the reply

    please clarify. knowledge is power.

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