Discussion in 'Forex' started by theseriousone, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Straight 30 point drop today within seconds.... scared the sh*t outa me!

    As a newbie to FX are such drops normal?

    Does it mean someone sold a lot?
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    During news release, such price action is the norm. In fact, this is still pretty tame compare to days like NFP or other events
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  4. Stick with it and you'll see plenty of 100 pip moves. I have no idea what trading platform you have, but my suggestion would be to check out some one minute charts and time and sales data. This will let you get a good feel for how the various news releases fuel movement.
  5. I see what you guys mean

    USD just broke thru 1.20, triggered my buy signal... rode all the way up *50 points* within seconds... sweet

    However I am a newbie using "Minilots" still a nice 50 USD profit :)
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    you guy's think still uptrend or what ?I s going down
  7. Today has been a good example so far. Nice spike up about thirty pips ( i only caught 13 though :mad: ), then the market gives it back in minutes. That's why I only hold trades for a few minutes at most.