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  1. The pair is so undecided for the moment that unless the fundamentals give it a necessary push it may not exit the range before the market closes later today.
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  2. ML whats up ;)

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    Fundamentals have already gave it a push (after US CPI). Now target is 1.20 ahead of the ECB meeting in September where Draghi should announce tapering off.
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  4. EUR/USD is testing the support at 1.1700 yet again. I think a breakout below that level will lead to another move to the downside toward 1.1600.
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    Obviously, enough. ECB minutes signaled Euro got high risks to overshoot, with sentiments going ahead of themselves and maybe economy fundamentals. EURUSD gain is a merit of dollar weakening, not improving picture on Euro.
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  6. It has finally become obvious that EUR/USD is forming a flag on the D1 time frame, an obvious correction to its overall move to the upside. Once that correction ends there will likely be a new move to the upside, and the continuation of the upward trend will be confirmed once the pair breaks out above the high at 1.1909.
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  7. The correction to the downside may be over, considering the hammer bars the pair has formed on the H4 time-frame at the support at 1.1660. I expect a new move to the upside.
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  8. A quick reminder that Janet Yellen will have a speech tomorrow at Jackson Hole at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium and it will likely affect all USD-related pairings, including EUR/USD, which will probably continue its consolidation until then.
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  9. The sideways consolidation has become very tight because of impending news about Janet Yellen's speech. I have closed all my positions just in case. Good luck to anyone trading the news.
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  10. EUR/USD has formed a pair of shooting star bars on the H4 time-frame at the last high at 1.1960, so we might see a temporary retracement before the pair continues moving to the upside, as the trend remains very bullish for now.
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