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  2. All depends on the French election right now.
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    Nope...the ecb meeting on Thursday ....the election is pretty much over imo
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    Darn, that is a GOOD trade!

    I'm short EURUSD at 1.0862, stop at 1.0922...60 pips plus slippage which could be quite a bit.

    Technically, although it has been in an uptrend for some time, today it hit previous highs and couldn't stay there, indicating a possible change in trend...also big gap all the way to 1.0779

    Fundamentally, we have loose monetary policy in Europe (the Thursday meeting could change that, but i doubt it) compared to tightening in the US. Also Trump is announcing some tax change on Wednesday which may be good for the dollar.
  5. Hard to say, Le Pen still has a shot.
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  8. We'll find out whether the polls are correct in just a few days.
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    I would start to short European equities on Macron win as I expect the opposite reaction from markets contrary to widespread beliefs his victory will spur the rally further.
  10. The Euro is looking quite strong at the moment, in particular the EUR/AUD cross.
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