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  1. EU might tank sell @1.42
    currently @ 1.4206
  2. take your 15 pips and exit.
  3. whoever made a profit send me a beer. :)
  4. Perhaps we will see Euro weakness across the board today.
    Shorted EUR/AUD, we'll see how it goes until tonights CNY news.
    Do we still talk about trading in the FX forums?:(
  5. Does anyone know the proper timing setting on the Ford 260 in the '62 Fairlane?

    Actually, the FX forums here seem to have withered on the vine, not that they were ever that fruitful to begin with ...

    What we need is a good Increasenow thread to get things humming again!
  6. Funny you should say that, he just appeared over on the options board.
    132546, that's my guess.
  7. 4 degrees manual, 8 degrees automatic. The best way to go is with a Mallory with a Vac Advance Can, I like the HEI model (8555101C), simple fitment, or you can go with the MAX Fire (1255104). Also don't forget to install stellite seats and hardened valves so you can run pump gas without a lead additive, another plus is that the compression ratio is runnable on todays octane. If you are doing an overhaul, moly rings and break in with Dino oil then switch to synthetic, due to todays oil formulations you can close up all of the clearances.

    Now on to Spot Currency, if you could not make money on the EUR/USD from 1/19 to 1/20 you should just go and give your money to a mutual fund.

    The Ever Rodding VIPER

  8. Viper, that is some of the finest car-porn I have ever read.
    I had to run lead additive in my Chevelle, now nearly 20 years ago, it was a pain in the ass. Just realized my guess was for the firing order, not the timing.

    As far as trading, I have been scalping more lately....

  9. And back to the original subject.
    EurUsd did tank as I said it probably would.
    Anyone who made money please send a six pack.
  10. Well you told us to get out with just 15 out of the 200 pips, so I can only afford an 8 oz PBR from the corner bodega.
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