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  1. sakhter


    Looking at 4-hour data. I am inclined to sell below $1.3953 TP @ $1.3730.

    It has broken weekly level of $1.4201.

    So a major short is coming.. Next 3 weeks I foresee it breaking $1.3713.

    Might see a short term rise to $1.4097, $1.4123 and as high as $1.4145. (looking at 1-hour)

    Happy trading!.

  2. sakhter


    Just got out with 190 pips at $1.3763.
  3. sakhter


    Waiting for a reversal.

    Daily buying pressure is wearing off, positioned for shorts.

    Weekly selling pressure is also wearing off...positioned for longs.

    Tough decision to make.

    Price to watch is $1.3713. Strong buy-ins expect t/p @ $1.4180.

    Other than that, short-bias. (short term time-frame)

    eur/usd in the long-term is very well positioned to go long. If buy-ins are strong @ $1.3713, I would open several positions and trim accordingly.

    $1.50 is very possible.