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  1. There's a lot of lines on the Weekly because of using several Gann Squares, generally the user is able to see what matters, hopefully the chart isn't too confusing to be instructive.
    Used only as a 'trendline matrix' the Gann Square can be very accurate.
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  2. Monthly chart.
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  3. of those lines should work....
  4. Yeah, if you draw enough lines from enough points one of them has got to be right enevtually.

    Maybe you could help me out and tell me what I should be looking for.

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    Had a sweeeet run on the EUR. I gotta move to europe so i can trade this more on european time.

  6. What's so intriguing about AG's Gann Box is once drawn in proportion to the price formation the price seems to follow/interact with the lines.

    As stated I use the GB as a trendline tool and not as a Gannist would and the overload on the Weekly was an attempt to illustrate how the GB can be used.

    My expectation based on the BC and GB is for the price to bottom at the crossed lines around 1.18 area week of July 15.
  7. I think adjusting one's sleep habits might be cheaper.
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    Don't think so. Being in the right time zone is much better. I'm still up trading and this is gonna kill my day tomorrow.
  9. The Blue and Red fibos were changed from the previous chart showing their coincidence of the Close price hitting the 61.8 / 161.8% levels at the week July 5 BC.

    Some people are looking for the euro to drop to 1.12, or 1.09, or 1.05 !!!

    The Dec/March Weekly top formation was a 'weak' AB Reversal; this week completing W4, White fibo and others for W5 Price target plus BC targets.

    There's certainly a lot to suggest a 5W formation up to 1.37 was completed, however the current monthly BC from the 'believed' W3 top of Feb/04 is August will be BC 18; as such it could be the completion of a W4 ABC — a W5 to follow with new EURUSD highs following the US$ 'collapse' ?
  10. wallace,

    Just wondering where u got the Gann square that extends far enough for EUR/USD?? I have been looking around for sometime and haven't been able to find one..
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