EurUsd trading demo test run .... :)

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  1. Trading will occur exactly as it would with realmoney (sans emotion). All entries, exits, TPs, TLs etc., will be posted within 60 seconds. No analysis will be provided.

    Starting amount = $50k

    EurUsd pend short @ 1.2717, STOP = 1.2783, no TP .... 60 seconds ago.
  2. sorry, that's 1 Lot
  3. If I'm not going to be at the comp., I'll try to mention it, otherwise if a postion triggers and there is no immediate comment, it will be updated later when I return. This method mimics my daily schedule which will run exactly as-is when I get promoted to realmoney trading.
  4. Gone for hours

  5. Stopped out, loss = $660, account balance = $49340
  6. LOL:p
  7. EurUsd pend 1 Lot Short @ 1.28289 no Stop, no TP .... 60 secs ago
  8. sorry, not a pend, an actual order
  9. syspool


    Which timeframe are you trading? Trading low timeframes is dangerous. I trade 4 hour timeframes (on EURSUD) and following the ideal signal points make about 350 pips a week in theory. In real its about 150 pips per week on average. Low drawdown and about 2 trades a week on average. Hardly any losses.


  10. 1H and 5-min. combo. I don't need the 4H. I'm OK with daily/weekly/monthly but still have lots of trouble with reatime.

    What I'm trying out here is ONE particular technique I put together. If it doesn't work on demo, it too gets canned. Thus far 6 techniques canned over the last 4 months. :D
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