EURUSD Remains Buoyant

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by Primetrader, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. On H4, EURUSD is again looking firm and with some slight pullback, the buoyancy could remain in effect for yet another 4 H4 bars with potential series of resistances from 1.4212, 1.4235, and the one at 1.4270s, which also is a resistance from the daily (D1). Dream high remains visible at1.4325/32 on the H4. Supports should crystallize in a bit.

    H1 may experience some slowing down but the ultimate completion of the swing is up with the H4. In other words, H4 has the influence at this time. Fluctuation in your H1 may then be driven into the direction of the buoyant price activity from the H4. Right at this time of writing, it's teasing the 1.4218 R-diagonal line and if it gets out of this line, the bulls will resume control and march on upward in the next 7 H1 bars (minimum)---this price action once again gets its energy from the H4.

    Daily is now bullish---has finally found its bottom and a minimum of 2.0 days or 3.0 days are reserved for the bulls! Just watch that 1.4260/63 immediate Daily resistance line.. There is another one at 1.4350/55 for vertrical height ideal magnitude target. Dream high towers at 1.4460 in the meantime.
  2. Did you see that - the price really hitting both the 1.4270 and 1.4327
  3. The principle of cycles shows you - how low is low? how high is high? and When is low? When is high?