EURUSD lunar phase intraday swing journal

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    lunar fx

    I have been successfully looking at certain lunar phases and how they affect EURUSD. In

    this journal I will make calls ahead of time to prove the viability of this method. All times

    are GMT, although my charts are displayed in my local time zone (AEDT, gmt +11).

    Although I have been able to figure out when a potential move is likely to occur the

    direction question is still a mystery and so in the times mentioned a simultaneous buy/sell

    spread position should be opened. At present I am using a 50 pip TP and a 16.7 pip

    stop. Stop gets put to break-even (+1 pip) 8 hours after entering the trade and if a new

    trade comes along without target hit exit position at the time of opening a new one.

    This method is completely mechanical, there are no spur of the moment decisions to

    make. I will be posting charts of the trades, well after the call is made, hopefully there

    are some clear examples of what I'm on about here. The method I'm using generates a

    signal roughly once a day and although I'm not going to reveal details, I can say it is

    complex, using the position of the sun and moon at certain intervals that regularly

    indicate high probability swing bottoms or tops.

    It is my hope that after some kind of track record is established that I can enter into an

    agreement with an interested party to either provide the signals privately or trade it for a

    firm or investor on some agreeable arrangement . PM me to discuss this.
  2. just curoious, if you are trading EUR/USD, how do you enter a simultaneous buy/sell spread? Buy it and simultaneously sell it?
  3. Very good stuff mate, im only new on the trading and I am only going on the currency markets as they are the best I have read for making money. I was on the EUR/USD and made a nice few quid last night buying at 1.2859 and selling at 1.2898, managed to sell it when it was up 0.25% right before it dropped to 0.04%.

    Would be very interested to hear more of your idea because it sounds good.
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    Is this some attempt at an intraday delta solution, some Wells Wilder variant?