eurusd breakout question

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by fandelem, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. ok, can someone help me understand how this occurs?

    2006.06.14 08:29:56 -> last price: 1.2572 -> last size: 2
    2006.06.14 08:29:57 -> last price: 1.2549 -> last size: 1

    how, on a last size of 1, does the last price move 23 pips? i can understand if i saw a last size of 100, that makes sense to me, a programmer by nature. but 1? is it that perhaps 100-1000-xxxx contracts were traded between 08:29:56 and 08:29:57 *outside* of IB and I just don't see it?

    i'll attach a screenshot of what i see in IB. A secondary goal in this is to try to programmatically determine if the last size/last price was a short or long (or a short cover or long cover). Any suggestions from IB users on how to pick this up?

    <img src='' alt='chart'>