Eurozone to leverage EFSF fund “several fold” with details in November

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  1. Risk insurance and Special Purpose Vehicle would be the means. This is nothing new but with the EURUSD back up the price move higher has reached a new afternoon peak price at the 1.3905 (200 bar MA on 5 mimute chart)
    There is no amount for recapitalization plan in the draft.
    There is no mention of Italy’s budget steps.
    It welcomes commitmet by Spain on budget, says further action is needed.
    Further enhancements to the EFSF and its resource possible through cooperation with the IMF
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    Kick. . . clang. . . clang. . . clang. . . Hurray! (confetti flies, the band starts playing again)

    If somebody two years ago had claimed that the EU could kick this crisis this many years down the road, we all would have laughed ourselves silly at him.

    Yet here we are. Very impressive.
  3. This worries me:


    Now, why would that need to be said on such a momentous day as today?
  4. yawn and more yawn

    where is the fucking money.

    the efsf has had no money it.

    there is no plan to put any money in it.

    where is the money coming from?

    euro country puts in money to efsf to bail out itself.

    that does not make sense.

    also leverage times zero = zero.

    this is a big time scam - dont get sucked into it.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Just curious, but how many times are they going to recycle the same rumors?
  6. And how many times is the Eurozone shill Op going to recirculate them?