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    Anyone heard of Europrop? privately held trading and training firm in Madrid, which is part of the Alhambra Capital in Canada.

    I was contacted by one of them, where they told me that I need to send trading reports and also explain my trading strategy to their quants so they can backtest it and see if my approach is good enough to be profitable, and then they will provide the capital. They payout is either 50/50 or up to 80/20 depending on volume and the capital. They will also provide leverage and cheap commission.

    Iam a bit skeptical about that, because what is stopping them to take on my strategy and use it for themselves after I have told them about my strategy?

    How should I approach this, any piece of advice will be greatfull.

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    Thank you for your reply. I also share your concern about revealing my trading strategy, and I wanted an second opinion.

    Your Prop. firm requires a deposit to fund the account.
    How do you know if you are granted $100 000 and $10 000 which is your money, that if you loose the money, they will claim that the loss is from your portion of money and not theirs?

    Let say that you need to have atleast $20 000 so they risk management is in check, then technically you can´t make the trade because only $ 10 000 is yours and the rest is the firms, so it is not optional to even make a trade, because the risk increases and it takes out form your portion of money.

    If you do not understand me correctly, then please tell me and I try to explain differently.


  3. I had some dealings with the CEO, "Malik" something or other.
    He's a first class idiot and I wouldn't trust him to post my mail, much less with anything proprietary.
    My advice is to stay away from him.

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    Can you please elaborate, thanks.

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    Hey Munny Hunny .
    good one, at least he is first class ...hahaha
  6. I am doing the mentoring program with europrop and I am very satisfied with what they offer. I was trading with a canadian shop that i wont name who cared about one thing only, my money and once the account opened their was no support .... it also toke me 2 months to get my money back !
    What I like about europrop , is the fact im connecetd before, during and after the open for trading support and mentoring . Id'say its the only support firm out their . And as far as commissions, payout and technology, its standard .
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    I contacted Europrop to confirm this since when i finish their course I was considering trading with them. I spoke with one of their guys, a former Refco trader, and he assured me of the following:

    their payout for experienced traders is between 90/10 and 95/5 and commissions are between 10 - 25 cents, depending on trading style, volume, type of stock etc...

    I also asked about them needing to know a clients specific strategies since i have a system I developed and wanted to use through their platform. he said he couldn't care less what I did as long as it made a profit...

    just wanted to set the record straight in case there was confusion.
  8. that is a crazy deal. the same guys that ran it as sfg one year ago couldnt offer something like that...they musta hit their clearing min, or joined a bigger group.
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    sounds interesting..
    do they provide 90/10 or 95/5 without any investements from the trader??
    trying to get in touch..
  10. lol u guys are n00bs. nobody is giving you 95/5 or 90/10 and 25 cents per 1k without a deposit. That has 0 upside for the firm. they are taking all the risk and have no upside unless you make huge returns (which, statistically speaking, the odds are against them).
    Stop trying to solicit business for your firm here with fake accounts, or I will expose you.

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