Europeans Invade The ISE

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    Eurex/ISE Merger Starting To Pay Dividends
    Posted on 3/13/2008 in Industry

    A Stifling Transaction?
    When Eurex acquired the International Securities Exchange (ISE) last year, the acquisition sent shudders throughout the options world. The ISE had long been known as an innovator in the U.S. options market.

    However, there were concerns that the monolithic structure of Eurex, along with its markedly different corporate culture, could stifle the leading U.S. equity options exchange....
  2. It's about time that deal paid off. Eurex announced their acquisition of the ISE almost a year ago, yet this is the first concrete example of a benefit from the merger. If this is the best they can do, then maybe the deal wasn't such a great thing after all.
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    I think you are being a little rough on Eurex. After all, they announced their bid for the ISE back in May, but the transaction wasn't completed until November. This deal has come about only a few months later. That's relatively quick in corporate terms. I wasn't expecting any interesting developments to come out of this until 2009.