European Vs American Girls

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    This DSK affair made me think about something.

    One thing I like about North America is that I find it easier to get laid than in Europe. People are more open in the US or Canada and girls won't be afraid if you talk to them... which make the first contact easier. Then they aren't afraid to occasionally come back home with you and have fun. In Europe and in France particularly, it's super rare to come back home the first night with a girl. You meet her, then you have a date at the restaurant and then perhaps...I don't want to say the american girls are sluts, it's just that they are more open , don't care about what will be said or perhaps they just liked my foreign accent...Whatever

    I'm opposing France, Italy, Switzerland versus places like Montreal( gorgeous naughty girls ), Toronto, Chicago, San Diego...

    Do people have the same experience as me? I was talking with a US guy living in Zurich and he told me the same thing. He is tired of having to meet 3 times before getting laid.
  2. First contact?
    Are they Aliens or something?:D
  3. vinc


    once you have a steady girfriend make sure it's a European one :)
    preferably from France or Switzerland..