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  2. So why is that their currency is superior to the USD and why is that that they outproduce (collectively) the US in terms of GDP? (if you count all the member countries?)
    Eventually, you too will realize the charade the US style fuckism is imposing, not only on the US population but the world an large, via the lie machine ,Hollywood.
    Why is that no one wants to come to the US from even Hungary anymore? They are not stupid, the only people the US draws are the great unwashed....
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    I know you are a smart guy so you may be able to answer this - but how do you know he Euro is superior and what exactly does that mean.

    We have seen asians purposely holding they currencies down for decades
  4. All I know, if somehow I won the "big one" I would convert most of it to Euro and keep at least half in Swiss frank and gold in Zurich. AS to answer your question the USD was stronger than the Euro at the Euro's inception, now the USD is getting weaker and weaker mainly because it is backed by NOTHING. They just print it like a toilette paper to finance a stupid War they can NEVER win. The worst of it is that most of the lenders are the chinese and japanese who are not very friendly to the US and the we are all about, talk about indebtured servitude? Keeping down a currency might make sense if someone in the world wants to buy your crap. It seems that the chinese do not buy much the US produce neighter the Indians nor the japanese....
    we have a trade deficit from most of the parners we trade with and it is getting larger and larger. Hurts to hear the truth? Listen to some very loud rap music then....
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    Ok suppose tomorrow I come out with a new dollar at it starts out as 2x the Euro. does that mean my new dollar is superior to the Euro.

    It is all relative. I am not sure what you are trying to measure. But saying we are all screwed up because the dollar is down strikes me as unsubstantiated.

    It also does not seem to take into account that Clinton and Rubin wanted a strong dollar because that was good for banks and inflation and Bush wanted a weak dollar because that is good for export industries and pressuring China.

    Who is right?
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    ......stronger than the Euro at the Euro's inception, now the USD is getting weaker and weaker mainly because it is backed by NOTHING.

    Are you suggesting EURO is strong because it is backed by something(anything???!).
    Reg. EU, centralization is never good. The perfect explanation is in "FUTURE FOR INVESTORS" by J. Siegel.
    Reg. trading deficit it doesn't mean a shit, U.S. had surpluses during Great Depression.
    Reg. total GDP, GDP per capita would actually tell you something.
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    My position may be summarized in this:
    Compare Germany and Ireland 25-30 years ago and now.