European Union President Calls US Economic Measures 'A Road to Hell'

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  3. Whether he's right or wrong remains to be seen. But regardless, you have to question the timing of this. An article bashing the USA the same day he is voted out of office on a confidence motion? Could be a coincidence. Or could be an angry politician taking others down with him on his way out of office.
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    World leaders know each others "government secrets" and the way economy is managed by other leaders.

    European Union president Mirek Topolanek, knows the truth and that's what he is saying.

    The creator is the Destroyer.
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  6. Actualy, out of all countries in Eastern Europe the Czech republic is probably in the best shape of all and they even funded several bailouts of neighbour countries without having the advantage of a world reserve currency and a printing press.

    Imagine that.:eek:
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  7. No, this is what S&P and the Treasury wants you to believe. Some countries like Czech Republic & Poland are in much better shape than others like Hungary.
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