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  1. Hello. Anyone here has an advisor account on Interactive Brokers and is based in Europe? All advice / documents I found on their site refers to US advisors (for example: )

    I'm trying to figure out if:

    1) Is it possible to open advisor accounts with Interactive Brokers if the advisor is licensed in an European Union country?
    2) If so do they accept advisors from any European Union state as regulated by the national authority( ), or only specific states (which would be those?).
    3) If an EU national advisor opens an account with Interactive Brokers, are they limited to selling in the respective nation only, are they allowed to sell in the whole European Union, and ultimately, are they allowed to also sell to United States customers? By "sell" I mean client from EU nation / US opens a managed account with the advisor.

    Would help if a licensed advisor based in Europe (ex: Germany, Hungary) would reply based on their experience.
  2. ZBZB


    Try the friends and family account.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion but I wanna go full throttle: register an LLC company and attach an investment advisor license to it so I can operate without restrictions.
  4. You might wanna contact IB's institutional sales Europe office. They have contact info of representatives listed.
  5. Actually I did and got this answer: "As an advisor licensed in the EU, your firm may open an advisor account with IB and have clients from any EU country. Unless your firm is registered with US regulators, you will not be permitted to have US residents as clients."