European trading via IB ?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by chs245, Apr 9, 2002.

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    A couple of questions regarding IB:

    Is it possible to combine US and European trading in one IB brokerage account ?

    Can I short European stocks with IB ?

    Can I arbitrage ADRs with IB (ie buy the ADR and deliver shares bought in Europe?)

    Many thanks for any replies.

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    1. Yes, just open multi-currency and trade away.
    2. Some yes but not many. The list will be growing as clearing and reg. issues are worked out on the various exchanges
    3. you can arb to the extent of immediate fills on exchange A vs exchange B. However, the stocks clear on different exchanges and they are not fungible
  3. chs245


    Def, could you expand a bit on the depth of your short list (which markets, how many stocks etc) and what the plans are regarding expanding that list (ie how long do you anticipate that to take ?).

    To other readers:

    Do you know of any daytrading shops or brokers in Europe where you can easily short ?

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    multi currency is just for stocks - not futures ?
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    If you want to short easily in europe then get a contract for difference account. No stamp duty either in the uk. try gni.
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    just 21

    i believe that a) and b) are true - but i dont trade cfds myself - although i understand from gni that 4 out 5 of their clients lose - i think the 5th client does not trade!

    a) with a contract for difference - the price they give you is their own - it does not have to match the market price

    b) and also if they have the stock pulled from them - that they had borrowed - they can just close your short position
  8. just21


    a, I understood that you get the same price as in the market when trading via their touch system.
    b, that can happen with a short of the shares as well.