European Super State: Friend or Foe?

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  1. European Super State: Friend or Foe?
    Friday, June 22, 2007 | Teeka Tiwari

    There is an interesting movement afoot in Europe that I wanted to keep you apprised of. It appears that Europe’s leaders are quietly working together to create a European Super State. Essentially, on the surface, it looks like they want to create some form of overriding federal government similar to how we have state government and federal government here in the US.

    Is this something we Americans should fear?

    After all, it is being billed as a direct response to America's growing world power. Is our premier status under threat? Are the Europeans looking to stab us in the back? Is this going to hurt our economy?

    Several years ago, most European voters rejected the idea of a Pan European constitution that would have, in effect, created a centralized European Federal government. Labeled as a constitution, it had to go in front of the voters to be approved and was summarily shot down.

    Europe’s leaders are trying once again to create a central government, but this time they have relabeled it a “treaty”, and as such, it does not require voter approval. I almost wrote shareholder approval instead of voter approval by accident because corporations engage in these types of semantic games constantly!

    The American press is spinning this as an attempt by the European elites to grab power. (FYI, all politicians in all countries are elitists!) The European leaders are attempting to position this latest move as a counter against American dominance and perceived abuse of American power.

    Whichever side of the Iraq line you come down on, I don’t think anyone can dispute that the decision to go to war with Iraq has given our rivals quite a flag to rally around. This may be the one unifying theme (anti-American sentiment) that could galvanize European public opinion enough to embrace centralized government.

    The American press would have you believe that this is the first step to a full-fledged European Invasion! How the press loves to play on our xenophobic fears!

    OK, first things first. If the Europeans manage to pull it off and actually create a centralized federal government (and that’s a BIG if,) it will not be the end of the world. In fact, if done right, it has the potential to spark a giant wave of economic growth.

    European production is strangled by a myriad of different trade and tax rules, a streamlining of which under a “federal” rule-making system could be hugely beneficial to the European economy.

    Don’t confuse a stronger Europe with meaning a weaker America. This is the classic “herd” mentality that the press loves to manipulate. Don’t let it do that to you!

    Do you know how much stuff the Europeans buy from us? A BLOODY TON! A richer Europe is a richer United States. The Europeans love to buy our stuff! Our clothes, our computers, our software, our video games; the list goes on and on. We may have lost the manufacturing battle long ago, but we DOMINATE software, hardware innovation, biotech and medical equipment.

    Friends, don’t let anybody fool you; that’s where the real cheesecake is, and we will be more than happy to take our share of all that new European wealth!

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    “Let the Game Come to You.”

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  2. clacy


    I don't think we have too much to be scared about with Europe. Despite our recent differences in regards to Iraq.

    We have more in common with Europe than not.

    As you said, a wealthier Europe is good for us.
  3. Friend or Foe? Neither. It's a good sell-signal. The desire to unite is strongest at long-term peaks in the market.
  4. Europe is so weak its laughable. At some point the billion muslim fanatics are going to turn that place into there own "paradise". They have a young, growing, radical muslim population all over europe, but somehow they think if they just kiss there ass everything will be ok.
  5. Yes because their is nothing to prevent Europe from producing another Hitler or from France from producing another Napolean.

    Europe has always been a thorn in our side. We had to fight two war to bail them out and we spent trillions protecting them from the Soviets.

  6. janko


    "Do you know how much stuff the Europeans buy from us? A BLOODY TON! A richer Europe is a richer United States. The Europeans love to buy our stuff! Our clothes, our computers, our software, our video games; the list goes on and on."

    Dude, rethink that sentece - OUR STUFF - most of the stuff in US is imported from China and the likes - US is a service economy, everything else is imported - what does the US make? Europe is much closer to China and belive me they are starting to import the hell out of it.
    So if you think Europe needs US to buy their products, youre quite mistaken my friend.
  7. Cesko


    That's why it was created. Does almost nothing for regular Europeans.
  8. Cesko


    Europeans are different now. Almost all tough good genes have been killed off in the wars. Now only the bitches remain.:D :D
  9. Stuff is made in China, right

    But who owns companies that develop and retail stuff?
    Chineses only get a small part of the profit, and most of the sweat-work.
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