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  2. At the very LEAST, part of the proposed $700 bil bailout package, congress should force ALL the top crooks at ALL these finance-related companies they're buying assets from to RETURN ALL BONUSES and stock options/grants they received for the last 3 years!!!
  3. Nobody gives a rats ass about Europes opinion during these crises!

    Their continent has been a mess for 100s of years.. and to this date they still can't get anything sorted out.

    Tight jeans wearing panzzies.

    We had to bail them out of near slavery in WWII and to this day and age when you go to Europe they still talk smack about Americans.

    The only thing to be admired about Europe is soccer and thats about it.
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    Surprised to read backwards ignorant opinions on ET. Make it the "lets bash Europe" thread?
    As for the thread subject, I think it was a complete failure of regulation and Greenspan is to blame for the most part.
  5. You buffoon of a biased bigot spitbucket...

    The United Kingdom paid off their debt for WWII to the US in December 2006, you ignorant hill-billy washup...

    During the last decades the United States have been "dispersing" their "credit" all around the world. You should hear the harsh remarks from Germany's Chancellor Merkel. Don't think that ANY part of the world will be duped so easily again. Castles in the sky...

    You can also see what you have been doing:

    Now, round up the human, social and economic costs to all this bullshit.

    The Neoconservatives have forced a rebuilding of the parts of the Middle East on the taxpayers of all the world, to participate in donation conferences. They have been shaping policies with greedy interests and corruption all over the world - with aggression and words of "liberation". Objectivsts are a close cousin to the Neoconservatives as well, although most of the Objectivsts I know are extremely honest people - and I mean extreme. I agree on many capitalism principles with my Objectivist friends - like a Gold standard, and not the constructed bullshit that the USD is today. - although I think Richard Salsman is off his knob sometimes.

    Look at , about the Heartland and world resources control; read the elite theories of James Burnham, Cecil Rhodes and Charles Murray influencing the Neoconservatives - go to the PBS Think Tank and read the transcripts, or read stuff by Murray and Kristol, Muravichek etc on the American Enterprise Institute, or PNAC ...

    See also

    Dimwit - protect your "interests" in the flow of world resources, polarizing the world and keeping flows of profits "aligned" through indirect support like lobbying, funding, investment, support, endorsements etc. As corrupt as the knickers of their mothers...

    Now, keep speaking foul of European sustainable growth and modest egalitarianism, you ignorant un-educated ostrich with your bum in the air... and now you can keep paying off your own debts for the next decades, thanks.

    The bullshit has resulted in so much antiamericanism, antieuropeanism, antisemitism and terrorism... all because of greedy corrupt "elites" - idolized and culminated through the Neoconservative Bush influence with his dumb-found grin, saying "All is ok. Victory is ours."
  6. Alan Greenspan and his 74% increase in the consumer price index from 114 to 198 is also something to blame. I doubt the systemic integrity of Greenspan, and I think he willingly "condoned" the changes to markets that were happening during his time - I think his actions, and more importantly INACTIONS are strongly biased to the corrupt system now faltering in the US.

    Greenspan has a lot to do with this crisis...
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    Ignorant moron.