European Market Update 3/7 - Markets Quiet Ahead of Tomorrow's ECB and BOE Decisions

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    - The European indices are currently trading in positive territory in the session led by Carrefour in Paris after Groupe Arnault and Colony Capital acquired a stake in the company.
    - Markets have been quiet ahead of the ECB and BOE interest rate decisions tomorrow. European government bonds continue to give up some of the gains made with in recent days. Over in the UK gilts are giving up gains as well, shadowing their European counterparts.
    - As expected, the Swiss unemployment rate fell to 3.2% in February from 3.3% in January as strong economic encouraged further hiring in order to meet demand.
    - In Sweden, the budget surplus rose to its highest level since December of 2002. the Swedish debt office forecasted the 2006 surplus at SEK112B, boosted by a rise in tax revenue and state asset sales.
    - EU unions said overnight that further ECB rate hikes would endanger recovery. The EU unions said that they do not see any danger of inflation from wage developments. On the wage front, over in the UK it was announced that the minimum wage would be raised to £5.52/house from £5.35/hour as of October 2007.
    - In a quiet session all around front month crude oil futures are currently trading in positive territory, and sit just below the $61 handle. Spot gold is just below the unchanged level, while spot silver is just above the unchanged level, and front month copper futures are trading up 0.8%.