European Market Correlation with S&P

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  1. For those of you that are interested, I have decided to post a very valuable weblink which contains comparative correlations for all sorts of world equity markets with that of the S&P.

    Our dear friend Trend Fader made a highly baseless claim that there was an "80% correlation in most cases" between the European markets like the DAX, CAC, and FTSE with that of the S&P.

    This is completely wrong, and the following link provides 20 years of quarterly data based upon daily returns. A very valuable link, in my opinion:
  2. Great link. Thanks.
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  4. First of all, "BlueHorseShoe" deleted his own thread today regarding European Market Correlation in which "Trend Fader" had stated that there is an "80% correlation in most cases" between the U.S. markets and those of Europe. This is simply not the case, and not backed-up by the 20 years of statistics that I presented in the link above. I found the "link" very helpful, and thus posted it earlier today.

    As for your "buddy" JS I guess you haven't taken enough lithium or haldol today, eh James?

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  10. From the look of the results they are simply calculating the correlation co-efficients in daily series without accounting for the time-zone difference (ie FTSE at london close vs SP at US close)

    I get a correlation of 80% for FTSE-SP since 2002 compared to their 40%. I used intraday data to get the SP price at the FTSE close.

    The eurostoxx-SP correlation is higher at 85%.

    A good example where you should do your own research and don't believe what you read.
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