European market back testing

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by alkaline, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. alkaline


    What do people use in Europe to back test strategies that is similiar to Trade Station? Is there anything currently available?
  2. Tradestation!
  3. Wealth-Lab is a German product and has quite a loyal following.
  4. man


    really? wealth-lab is german?
  5. Yep. The two founders, Dion Kurczek and Volker Knapp, are Germans. There's quite an active discussion board on their website, in the German language.
  6. Actually my partner Dion is from the US and I am German; to disappoint you even further I have to admit that the brain is sitting in the US and the marketing/sales side was more or less German; so you are only half right. ;)
    BTW, now it is all US since Fidelity bought Wealth-Lab but you can still test european market if you buy WL-Developer.
  7. bolter


    I have an evaluation copy of an excellent charting/trading package that is developed in Germany.

    It is targetted at institutional and high-end traders ($$$) but it is first class. Far superior to TradeStation in many respects. And it's all .Net architecture - bonus!!

    FWIW - they have an affiliation with Reuters I believe.

    I have no association with guys other than being a prospective customer.[\url]